Allison & Cody

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)



Harrison is *slightly* obsessed with dinosaurs right now, so we took a long weekend and went to the state park in Glen Rose to see the fossils. We had a great time tromping through the creek and walking in the footsteps of giants. We then explored Dinosaur World and learned tons of cool dino our family adventures! Roar!

This is the way...

Someone is practicing how to be a good big brother with none other than....Baby Yoda himself! Haha!


What a wonderful Easter! We were so thankful to be back in person with our church family! Forever He is risen...He is alive!

Silver Lining...

Well the last month has been an adventure! Between the snowpocalypse knocking out our power and Harrison bringing COVID home from pre-K to us all, life hasn’t been “normal.” However, we are so thankful...both situations could have been much worse! We made the most of it between impromptu blanket forts and “camping” in our own house to snowmen and monster trucks in a bathtub full of snow!

Promises to You

If you choose to pursue an adoption plan with us, we promise to provide a stable, loving home full of fun and laughter for your child. We promise to share from the very beginning what a selfless decision you've made. We will do our best to help your child understand your sacrificial love and the beauty of being chosen twice! We promise to speak a blessing over your child every day and tell them who they are in, kind, handsome/beautiful, strong, confident, funny, and loved! We promise to encourage education and foster a lifetime of curiosity and learning in your child. We recognize it takes a village to successfully parent and we commit to staying in community with family and friends who will help us raise a son or daughter that you can be proud of. We promise to show your child how incredibly blessed they are by God and instill a spirit of giving in them. We promise to fiercely love your child through it all - easy times and hard ones. We are hoping for an open adoption, but we will be respectful of your wishes whatever they may be and recognize that they may evolve over time. We are committed to being intentional and transparent with you, but most of all prioritizing your child above all else. Regardless of your choice, know you are constantly prayed for and deeply loved!

Our Story

One day Cody's good friend asked him to be his wing-man for country dancing because he wanted to date one of Allison's friends. Allison went as her friend's wing-woman and met Cody. Cody asked her to dance and showed off his awesome dancing skills. At one point, he was trying to impress Allison and decided to lift her in the air. Little did he know that she had had 2 back surgeries and while the dance trick was cool, it scared her, and she cussed loudly out of nervousness! They had a good laugh about it afterwards and danced the night away...the rest is history! They got married about 8 years ago and during the ceremony, sang the worship song, Love Came Down. The chorus reads "mountain high or valley low, I sing out and remind my soul, that I am yours...I am forever yours." They've already been through several mountains and valleys as a couple. They lost Allison's father to cancer in their first year of marriage, but then a few years later, they were blessed with the birth of their son, Harrison. Regardless of what comes their way, they are forever His and each other's.

Why We're Adopting

Allison's best friend growing up was adopted and Allison always knew adoption would be part of her story someday. Apparently, she even shared this with Cody on one of their first dates (thankfully Cody doesn't scare easy and didn't freak when Allison started talking about kids so early in their relationship)! We honestly thought we'd adopt a third child, but after 2 years of secondary infertility, we are completely at peace with adopting a second (and at some point, a third) child. Some of our closest friends adopted transracially 8 years ago. We've been with them every step of the way and are so thankful to have them as a resource as we embark on this lifetime process. We are not naive to how hard this will be at times - we've witnessed firsthand some of the challenges that can surface, but we also see the joy and love of their family.

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